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Inclusion World Championship for Sailing

Dear sailors, dear friends in Inclusive Sailing,

We look forward to welcoming you to the Inclusion World Championship for Sailing, the RS Venture Connect Class World Championship (Para and Inclusive) and the U25 Para and Inclusive Sailing World Championship from August 23-27, 2023 in Rostock, Germany.

The event organizer is World Sailing and the hosts are the North German Regatta Club (NRV) in cooperation with the Rostock Regatta Club and the Yacht Club Möhnesee.

This information is sent to you in advance of the formal Notice of Race (NoR) which will follow in the coming weeks.

Equipment used for the events: RS Venture Connect and Far East SV\14 – with 2 sailors per boat.

Crew eligibility:

Inclusion World Championship for Sailing – One person with disabilities and one without disabilities or two people with disabilities. This title will be sailed on Far East SV\14 and RS Venture Connect, hence each team will sail both types of boats. The rules of Inclusion apply to this event. (These Rules will be published shortly)

U25 Para and Inclusive Sailing World Championships: The World Sailing para classification rules apply to the Para title and the Inclusion rules apply to the Inclusion title. The title will be sailed using both types of equipment.

RS Venture Connect Class World Championship (Para and Inclusive categories): The World Sailing Para Classification rules apply here, with teams competing for the Para title requiring both sailors to hold a valid World Sailing ‘Minimal Disability’ (MD) Classification at the time of the competition. For the teams competing in the Inclusive category of the event, only one of the two sailors must be either classified or be eligible according to the Inclusion Rules. The results of the competition sailed using the RS Venture Connect equipment counts for the RS Venture Connect Class World Championship title.

Proposed schedule for August 23-27, 2023:

23.8. 2023: check-in and training

23.8. classification

23.8. opening ceremony (evening)

24.08 Classification (until 10:00) and check-in

24.8. -27.8: Sailing competition for the 3 World Championship titles.

27.8. award ceremony

There will be on-water umpiring for all races.

There will be a sailors‘ dinner and an evening event at the event site every evening.

As in 2022, the entire event area will be barrier-free, including showers and toilets.

The organizers will also set up approximately 10 -12 parking spaces for mobile homes / camper vans, for those wishing to bring theirs to the event.

Sailing area / field of play: On the Warnow River – Venue Address: Am Warnowufer 55, Rostock, Germany – Google maps LINK HERE

Entry fees (Including supplied equipment charter costs):

Inclusion World Championship for Sailing – €270.00 per team

U25 Para World Sailing Championship – €270.00 per team

RS Venture Connect Class World Championship – €270.00 per team

The entry fee is due only once in total!

If you wish to reserve a place for your team at any of these events then please get in contact via

We’ll keep you up to date. We look forward to wonderful Sailing World Championships with you. 

Your event organizing team